Stain Removal Tips

Act Quickly -Spills and stains should be dealt with immediately. The longer a spot remains, the more difficult it will be to remove. Most stains that are allowed to dry overnight will become more difficult to remove. This also applies to hot tea and especially coffee, as they become heat set. So always deal with any stains as soon as they happen.

Blot up spills with clean, white, absorbent slightly damp material (a towel is best). Do not use clothes with colors in them, as the dyes may transfer to the carpeting when you are trying to absorb the stain. Always work from the outside of the stained area towards the middle of the stain. This will ensure that you do not spread the stain any further.

Always blot the area with a towel - Do not rub or brush the stain.

Remove solid build-up materials with a rounded tablespoon, spatula, or the edge of a very dull knife. Do not get too aggressive with the removal process as you may damage the carpet fibers. Work from the outside of the stained area towards the middle of the stain.

Rinse. The final step is always to gently rinse the area with water, then absorb all the remaining moisture with absorbent towels. Do not skip this step as over-damp or wet carpets can start a whole new set of problems.

Be patient. Some stains respond slowly. All spots and stains cannot be removed from every fabric due to differences in fibers, dyes, constructions, finishes, composition of the stain, length of time the stain has remained on the article, etc. Some stains require professional treatment. We understand that you want to fix the problem yourself in order to save money. Sometimes you need to call Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc before you damage your carpet or upholstery investment!

Call Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc for expert spot & stain removal if these efforts do not work. Have our staff apply 3M Scotch Guard with every cleaning to give you the best chance to remove stains.

Stubborn Stains and Spills

There are some spills and stains that are impossible for the house holder to deal with. We at Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning have the know-how, equipment and solutions to remove most stubborn stains. We recommend that in the event of such an emergency the following procedure will minimize damage.

Spot and Stain Removers

Use a stain or spot remover that is specifically designed to work on carpeting or upholstery. There are many diffrent products on the market that claim that they can remove spots and stains from your carpeting. Be careful when selecting these products. Many will remove the spots, but also remove the color from your upholstery fabrics and carpeting. Some of these products may have such a high pH that they will strip off the stain guard that is inherent in your carpeting or will leave dirt-attracting residues behind where the spot was causing your carpeting to soil prematurely. Resist the urge to reach for the dish washing detergent or other soaps and water combinations that may have been passed on to you by your mother or from friends - they invariablely lead to disaster when removing spots and stains, especially when used on upholstered items.